Monday, May 3, 2010

Sienna and Travis have birthdays, Adyson is in her opera, and I post about a million pics.

Someone please tell me where in the world the time went?! This little lady turned 4 last week. 4! We just love Sienna around here. She is full of life, she is full of energy, and is willing to try anything. She makes friends everywhere she goes and is always willing to give us a big old squeeze. She's one 4 year old who makes us pretty happy!
She was pretty excited to go to school on her b-day and actually asked me to go outside and take pics of her before she left. I tell you, this kid is just a future diva. Or an already diva.
Adyson picked her up from school with balloons.

Then we met Daddy for lunch at the Grist. Sienna just adores their cream cheese brownies, and gobbles them up at every chance.
That night she came home from dance to presents, and she was sooo excited. After watching Simon and Adyson's birthday come and go, she was ready for hers.
Adyson gave her a music box we bought when we went to Disneyland. Sienna had to give Adyson a squeeze, and I had to catch it on camera. It's a rarity!
The next day we had her princess party with her cute little friends. She couldn't wait to put her beautiful dress on, and her crown. She felt just beautiful!

Throwing girly parties is just so much fun!
They had some fairy Godmothers put their make-up on.

We read Princess Peepers, and they each got a pair of peepers of their own.

Opened about a million presents.

Ate some cupcakes and ice cream.
Sienna just LOVES these 2 neighbor girls, and her biggest request was that they come to her party. They were a huge help!
We made princess wands and played pin the kiss on the frog.
After the girls left Seinna sat in the hallway for a good hour inspecting her presents and opening each one. She had so much fun. Sunday Travis turned the big 35. It's sure fun for Sienna and him to have b-days so close together. For Trav's b-day I took him to Salt Lake to the Jazz game, and we stayed overnight. I had planned for him to go golfing on Saturday. Our friends planned on meeting us there in the morning and the boys were gonna golf, and the girls were gonna shop. But the rain really ruined our plans, so instead the boys came and shopped around with us. What good sports they are! It was a great way to celebrate his b-day, I think....
The ladies begged to give him golf balls. Do they know their daddy, or what?

Then Sunday afternoon we had both my family and Trav's family over to celebrate. It was so much fun to have all the cousins over for a visit. Sienna was thrilled Brielle was able to come and play too.

Padin was excited there were other boys here to play with, usually he's kind of bored!
Adyson and Kutter. Best little buds. (Rheagen hung with them for a good chunk of the day too).Sienna's Belle cake from Grandma Lorraine. So cute! More presents..really? We don't want to leave this cutie out! She had her opera at school last week too, and it was just darling. She played a cat, and a cute one at that. In the morning, she got right out there and did her part out loud, and perfectly. At night, she seemed to get a little nervous, but still, the cutest little kitty I've ever seen. I just love her, and thought it was amazing that the kids put the whole thing together. Adyson's teacher is amazing


Morrells said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sienna! I can't believe how grown up she is getting! She is so cute!!! I am glad that you had a well deserved lovely weekend! That Jazz game would have been soooo fun to go to!

Kylene said...

Happy Birthday to your little Princess. Sheesh, can Grandma Lorraine make my kids a birthday cake! :)

Eileen said...

I really do love your sweet life. This post made me smile. As do all your posts.

Lorinda said...

Wow, you've been busy. Good busy though. I can't believe your divas are as old as they are already - goes way to fast. I am excited to see you at Bunco next week!

Matt said...

oh my you have darling little girls.
Adyson looked so cute in the opera it was fun to see you.

The Falkers said...

I cannot believe how old she looks! Happy happy birthday!!! I love her party! You are such a good Mommy!!!

My niece was in an opera last week too! What school is she at???

Jared Heather and Taegen Pete Johnstun said...

Ok, seriously... Sienna is sooo cute!!! She looks so grown up! Can't wait to see her and you too!

The Wolfley Family said...

It was so great to be able to be there on Sunday! I love all your birthday ideas, and isn't Ady the cutest cat ever?!

KIRSTEN said...

WOW - sounds like you guys had a great week last week! I love the princess dress - absolutely adorible!!

shelly said...

I love your parties! And Happy birthday Sienna, I could eat her! Such little beauties you have!

The Mullen Family said...

Happy Birthday She is just so adorable. Oh and Happy Birthday Travis. The girls had so much fun at the party, and we had so much fun celebrating our birthdays. Thank You!