Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas: Part 1.

Boo to Christmas being over. Boo to forever lasting cold, no more treats left on my doorstep, no more "Be good kids, Santa is watching."

I sure love Christmas, and can't believe that this years has come and gone already. We have yet to celebrate with my family because my sister wont be here till we are holding onto that last piece of Christmas as long as we can!

This Christmas was sure different then most. We were all so emotionally, and physically worn out from everything that happened with my Grandma, and her funeral was just Dec. 22nd, making Christmas sneak right up on us. But by Christmas Eve, we all were ready for it, and couldn't wait to celebrate.

On Christmas Eve morning each year my ladies wake up to a gift from Mrs. Claus. This is my very favorite tradition! She usually brings them a cute shirt to wear that day and a little surprise. This year Adyson was so excited she couldn't sleep, and when she awoke to a new webkinz, and a cute little shirt she was beyond thrilled.

Sienna was pretty excited too, can you tell?Here's a self taken pic of Adyson and I, do we look excited or what?Each year Grandma Lorraine comes up with some fun games for us to play. This year Adyson won the second round of the house burning dice game, and she was beyond excited. It was a great start to the night for her!
We played the 7-11 treat game, where the huge twix bar got passed from person to person about 100 times. Who knew? (Trav ended up with it, if you were wondering.)
Then it was gift time! Here's Enna with a tea set from Tiff, which she adores. And the ladies with their new walkee talkee's from Grandma. These have been a huge hit.After the gifts Grandma took all the kids upstairs to surprise us with new jammies she made for each of them, and a darling pillow case. The kids came running down to model them, and then Grandpa read "The night before Christmas" while they snuggled down in their comfy pj's and pillows. It was pretty cute stuff.Tiff gave Adyson a hair stylist kit, complete with a smock, gloves, clips, color bowls, and even a brush...I LOVE this gift! Rheagen was a good sport to let Adyson practice on her. Christmas eve was lovely and wonderful. Thanks Kidmans for always making it such a fun night!

The ladies went right to sleep on Christmas eve, shockingly! And slept till about 7:30, but woke up ready to go! Here they are waiting to go downstairs. Don't mind the foggy camera, it had been in my car all night...
Adyson got everything she wanted and so much more. Her she is modeling the Taylor Swift CD. Santa accidentally got the Karaoke CD, so that was a bummer. Dumb Santa.

Sienna has been begging for this Strawberry Shortcake doll, that you do "make-up" on for months, and of course Santa delivered. Along with all the other things she added to her list whenever people would ask what Santa was gonna bring her. She is one. smart. cookie.

Oh, and Santa brought make-up. Sienna used most of hers in one sitting. Pretty?
I think the best part of Christmas this year has been watching these 2 play. We've let them keep their new things downstairs in the family room for the week and they've pretty much lived down there with there toys. There's been 0 fighting, and just lots of laughs. It's a Christmas miracle!
We are excited that we still have Christmas #2 coming in a few days. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy. And I wish you all a Happy New Year!


Morrells said...

What some cuties! I am sorry that you lost your grandma! It sounds like you had a wonderful part 1 Christmas and I am quite jealous that you still have part 2 coming! Happy New Year!

Eileen said...

I hate it when you don't blog. Please blog everyday. Cuz when you blog, I feel happy.

Merry Christmas #2.

Letti said...

What a great Christmas you had. I am sad that it is over too. I think I am going to steal your Mrs. Claus tradition, I love it.

Chanelle said...

Sienna's hair on Christmas morning is the BEST.

So glad you get to have another round of Christmas tomorrow!

Jamie said...

Oh I just LOVE that post! I am really sorry about your Grandma Hayley. I too LOVE Sienna's hair on Christmas morning, and I am completely JELOUS of all the fun girls gifts, the makeup dolls and hair kits? Really? So much more fun than transformers.....

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Looks like you had an excellent holiday (so far!), Merry Christmas from Idaho!