Thursday, April 16, 2009

Soccer Star

Soccer Season has begun friends. And apparantly my career as a soccer mom has begun as well. Who would have thunk it??
Travis decided a few months ago that he wanted to coach Adyson, and he's been pretty excited about it. Between the rain and snow our team (the Sprites), have only had 1 1/2 practices, and we have a game on Saturday.
Wish us some seriously needed luck! Most of these kids have never played and don't know the rules, so it's gonna be a fun game!
Adyson, bless her heart, got her coordination skillz from me.
(Why couldn't I have blessed her with my knowledge of hand bags?)
(Or my seriously OCD cleaning habits?)
(Or my love of sleeping in.)
(Or my great taste in music, I died inside a little the other day when she starting singing along to Britney Spears on the radio.)
No, she got blessed with the bad stuff. You know, running a bit like Pheobe on friends, really bad hand eye coordination, and a pretty short attention span when it comes to sports.
But we were really proud of her at our first practice for getting out there and trying her best to attack the ball. We, of course, just want her to have a great time playing! I really hope she enjoys it!
I also have to add how thankful I am to Trav for coaching her. To me this is another testament to how much he loves his kids. I realize more and more that no matter how crappy Travis is feeling, he will make sure that his kids get to share all the great experiences they can with him.
Now just tell me how in the world to get Sienna from running onto the field and wishing she could play along too....
it's tough being 3.
And if your wondering why this post is titled "Soccer Star", it is because Adyson has told us a few times that she is one. She sounds just like Molly Shannon in "SUPER STAR" when she says it, and it makes me laugh.


Jeff, Jenny and Pearl said...

Anyone posing in their uniform like that is bound to be one of those cute girls chasing butterflies on the field instead of the ball! Just kidding!!! But seriously, you'll have to toughen her up a bit, maybe do some makeup black lines under her eyes, she's too cute to play!

Hanne and Fam said...

You guys have 1/2 a practice more than Lexi's team has! Their first game is Saturday too and Dirk is playing coach because ours can't make it to the game. A great start to Lexi's first soccer experience!

KIRSTEN said...

Sounds like your family has a fun filled spring, full of soccer! My little soccer "star" used to stand/sit in the middle of the field and and pick dandilions. Needless to say ... Hannah is now my dance "star"!!

Justin & Ashlee said...

I bet she is a 'star'! How fun to have her dad coach too!

Chanelle said...

What a great dad! I am laughing because I have a daughter who runs a little bit like Phoebe too! (And she was more interested in chasing butterflies on the soccer field than the ball!) I'm sure Ady will be a very entertaining soccer star.

Lorinda said...

You are my favorite nerd - "I died a little inside when she said that". I was sitting alone here and laughing out loud. Hopefully my kids got Trav's athletic abilities. Choir was great and so much fun, but I will never live down "choir geek" :)

Michelle said...

Adyson is going to do great!!!
Isnt is fun being soccer mom.
You will love every minute of it.

Kylene said...

I have joined the ranks as soccer mom as well. We just signed Hallie up a couple weeks ago so we haven't started yet but I'm sure it will be PURE entertainment as soon as we get going. She keeps calling it basketball so, yeah, we have a long way to go...:)

Good Luck Adyson (and daddy)!

Brittney said...

Oh Hay, I love to read your posts. You make me laugh everytime. Good luck with your little soccer star!

Amy Johnson said...

It was so fun to watch Ady play today! She does indeed run like Phoebe! So fun! And you are a great soccer mom!!!

Kristin said...

We too have begun the soccer mom stage . . . and I have to say I'm really likin it! Mase had his first game last week and it was pure entertainment!

Candace said...

How cute is she saying she is a soccer star? She is hilarious, and go Travis as the soccer coach; what a good dad.