Monday, April 27, 2009

Girls Weekend

Each April the girls in my family take a Saturday and ditch our husbands and kids and take the day to shop (without strollers, crying kids, and carseats). This day is right up there with my birthday in my lists of favorite days during the year. (And you all know how much I LOVE my birthday don't you?) This year it was extra great to be able to see my sister Heather who is moving to Texas next month for a 3 month stay, and that is too long in sister time! We (especially me and the ladies) are just going to miss those Wolfleys and are praying for REALLY cheap flights. (Is there such a thing?)
Normally we head to Park City, but this year we woke up to black and ominious skies (I through that in for Greg-Amy). So we opted to skip driving through Parleys canyon and headed to fashion place mall, where we dug and dug for some great finds so my kids don't have to run around in sweaters and long pants all year. My neice Breje has come along for the last few years and we just LOVE having her want to come on our girls trips. She is just growing up to be so much fun, and I wouldn't mind one bit if my girls took after her! Here she is just after her mini makeover at Dillards. Um, yes, we realize she is too pretty for her own good!

Around 2:00 we realized we were starving and went to The Cheesecake Factory to consume more calories than anyone should in one day. Ever. (And you should have seen how excited we were after our 45 minute wait when the buzzer went off telling us the table was ready.) It was almost embarrasing. Almost.

Lunch is where things started to get a bit, shall we say, slap happy? I think the waiter must have thought we were drunk. I just adore the women in my family and am so thankful that for them.

My mom has taught me everything I know about parenting through her example. She loves her kids so much it must hurt. She is unselfish to a fault and would rather spoil us or her grandkids that at times she forgets to do anything for herself. And with everything our family has been through in the last year, she has been an amazing support, and dropped everything if we need her. She is beautiful, though she never realizes just how beautiful she is, and chuck full of love and spunk. I just love her.

Heather and I have a pretty fun relationship. Growing up our age gap (6 years, and even though you can't tell, I am the young one) seemed to get in the way of our friendship. When she was in high school I would tag along with her and her friends and just bug the crap out of her. And then we grew up, and I married someone her age (weird?) and now I can't imagine a better friend then her. We talk almost everyday and she is someone I look up too on so many levels (exept not literally because she is like 4 ft. tall. :) She is a great mom who always puts her kids first. She is someone who will always listen when I need her, and who I can just be myself around. Heather is very strong in her beliefs and never embaressed about who she is. I wish I was more like her. But don't let her fool you and make you think she isn't a complete ditz, because oh boy, she is. In fact we had a whole discussion on dumb things she has done on the trip....I just love her too.
What do I say about Amy? She married my brother and just for that she deserves a trip to Heaven. But more than that, she just completed our family. Amy is funny, really really funny. She is always there making me smile even when she has no idea how much I need it. I don't think I've ever met someone who is more herself and more unedited then her. I find myself editing who I am often, and Amy doesn't do that (and doesn't need to do that.) She is honest about who she is, and I just adore that about her. She is a great mom who also works full time and I don't think she gives herself the credit she deserves in that department. Simon just adores her, and she returns the favor. Amy and Cody live close by, and we spend a ridiculous amount of time together, and I cherish it. I just love her too.

And Breezy, my neice who grew up too fast. I will never forget how excited we all were to have her join our family as the first little niece. She was spoiled rotten! And if you ask me still deserves to be. She is having the hardest time out of the family with the upcoming move, so to her I will give some advice. Enjoy it and make it an adventure! You are so beautiful, and so much fun, and such a great kid that you will make friends easier than you think! Don't forget how great you are and you will be just fine! (And you can call me when you are feeling blue...) I can't wait to see where this smart young lady's life takes her. And I just love her too.

Heahter, Breje', and Amy (Aren't they all so pretty?)

Mom and Me. I'd like to mention that I am sick right now, and was then. And I am blaming the sickness for this not so pretty pic of me. I'm only posting it for memories sake.
Enough Sap? Okay. After we got home from our day in the sun, we changed into our sweats and played some canasta (Travis and I won. again. It's getting pathetic.) While we were playing Breje' decided to do the girls' make-up. The ladies LOVED this and just felt so pretty afterward! Thanks for entertaining them Breezy!

Heather also brought the MOST ANNOYING GIFT EVER MADE for Sienna's Birthday. A kerioke machine. Sienna spent the night putting on a very loud concert for us. Very loud. Here is a short clip of her bowing after a song. This kid is a crack up!

It's Sienna's birthday today, so expect a post soon Celebrating my baby turning 3! (Tell me where the time went?)


Amy Johnson said...

It really was so much fun! I also look forward to our shopping trip every year! The inside jokes are priceless! Thanks for the sweet comments! I love ya!!!

Lorinda said...

Even if you weren't feeling great, you looked it! You didn't even mention what a wonderful, fun mom/wife you are to your girls and how you adore them and Trav, and they all adore you right back. You are a beautiful, fabulous, strong, caring friend and I think the world of you:) I'm glad you got such a fun weekend away!

Eileen said...

What fun! My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. :)

Hanne and Fam said...

I hope Sienna had an awesome birthday. Lexi kept reminding me that Sienna is now 3 all day yesterday! She was very excited for her!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Your sister is moving here to Texas? Where? And why move to Texas during the summer?!?!? that is horrible!

mortonfam said...

Happy Birthday, Sienna! It's awesome to be 3!!

The Wolfley Family said...

Awww! You really are way too nice! It was such fun, though. We really are lucky to be able to enjoy each other so much -- to bad we can't do it every weekend!
Tell Sienna and Ady that I want them to sing me a song!

Hiatts said...

I love girls getaways. It is just what you need to refuel. looks like a lot of fun. Hope you are feeling better.

Melissa said...

What a fun girl's weekend, love all the pict's! And I must mention I am totally jealous you went to the cheesecake factory, I LOVE their cheesecake!!!

KIRSTEN said...

Everyone laughs at me, but I think you Must absolutely try cheesecake factory's meatloaf. So good! You will have to ask our good friend Jessie about mine and her's first trip to the factory ... hilarious!

Aren't girl weekends the best! Don't get me wrong ... having the guys around is still fun, but the girl weekends bring back the kid in us. Your family has always known how to live it up. I can remember going to lunch with you, your sweet mom, Heather, and your cousin (I think she was going to USU at the time). There was always good food and lots of laughing! FUN is in your blood haha!!

Bre said...

nothing better than a girls weekend! looks like so so much fun! and i think you look beautiful btw!

Dustin and Shelli Chambers said...

Hayley, I love the way you put your feelings into words. I feel like I know and love these girls too! You ARE beautiful inside and out!