Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trayson Baptism

This last weekend we made the Trek to Boise to see our nephew Trayson be baptized. Trayson is one of the kindest, sweetest, and smartest kid I know. And to warn you all, I'm adding plenty of pictures. My poor sister (Tray's mom), had been to the Dr. while we were on our drive and found out she had pneumonia. She was so sick that we barely saw her and she wasn't able to document his big day with pictures, so I will do it for her and she can steal mine if she wants.

He was so excited for his big day and more ready than most 8 year olds I know. Doesn't he look so handsome in his new suit?
Adyson spent a good chunk of her weekend having pity for the sad cat outside. I know, I know, we really should get a pet. I just can't bring myself to do it!Cody being all GQ. Or something.The ladies. And no, Heather isn't stooping down. She really is that short....And yes, I'm aware that this isn't my best picture....ok.The main event was lovely. He was the only one being baptized that day, so it was all for him and very personal. Jody did a lovely job and the spirit was very strong. When the font curtain was opened we ushered the little ones close so they could see. Sienna saw that water and said "Daddy, take my dress off..." She wanted to go for a swim! After that though, the kiddies were quiet, and it was a beautiful moment.

Afterwards, the confirmation (also lovely), and then donuts! Simon got "some" in his mouth.Mom and Tray (mid cough).That night we dined on pizza, and somehow the guys escaped in a room of their own to watch football. This is how we found them. Jody (in his saaaweet glasses) on the bed with Cody. Mike happily on the floor with Travis (broken rib and all) leaning on the foot board. At least they were having fun??We were also able to celebrate these 2's b-days. Tray on the 27th, Cody on the 30th. Each year it seems they share a party, and I'm thinking Trayson wouldn't have it any other way!It was a wonderful weekend and we were all so happy to be there to share it with them. Trayson we are all so proud of you!


Amy Johnson said...

You got some great photos!! I love that Tray! There really is something special about him! By the way...I'm looking extra chunky in that photo of us girls...yuck!! But it was indeed fun to be together with everyone!!

Eileen said...

Fine. I'll accept this as your written excuse. And it's a GOOD one! Next time throw me in your trunk, drive me 45 min. past your sister, then pick me up and bring me home!

Amber Culp said...

Those are some saaweet glasses! I heard Heady had the sickness! Thanks for the pix, Tray is the sweetest boy alive. I am glad you all got to be there for the special day. What, your dad sat on the floor?

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