Friday, November 14, 2008

Pink Eye

Sienna just woke up with what I believe is pink eye.

Tonight Heather and Jody are driving up from Idaho, and we have been excited all week to see them. (It's long overdue.)

If any of you neighbors or close by friends have some medication lying around, I would gladly take it off your hands being that I can't take her to the doc. till tomorrow.


Jenni said...

Casey got Pink eye once when he was traveling. The pharmacist told him to put Neosporin in it and that helped until he got home. But it has to be a brand new, never been opened bottle so it hasn't been contaminated. Sounds crazy I know.

Sarah Schwartz said...

This summer I woke up in the middle of the night, over the weekend with a 'pink eye'. It was miserable (yes this was during my summer of sickness, too). I did a bit of online research and determined my infection was viral (most are). The good news, I didn't need to go to the doctor. The bad news, I pretty much had to let it just run its course. I also read about some over the counter drops and found them at our local Lee's. They are called "Similasan Pink Eye Relief". Usually I am VERY skeptical of homeopathic 'cures' but I was willing to try about anything. THEY WERE A LIFE SAVER! I don't think they cure anything, but they made it feel better and you can use them as often as you need. Well worth the money. Between some ibuprofen, hot showers, and the drops I was able to sleep fairly well. My eye still looked awful, but the pain, burning, and gritty feeling were manageable. I completely recommend them!

Hope she gets feeling better soon.
Poor gal!

The Low family said...

Hayley, you are in luck if you still need something for Sienna's eyes. I've got some eye drops left over from my kids pink eye 2 months ago. Call me if you need some 232-6023. Anyway, I wanted to say you are just too sweet. It was nice seeing you at Lee's a couple of weeks ago. Your girls are so cute. I'm sorry to here about your husband. You are very strong, and I hope the best for you guys.

Jill and Matt said...

Pink eye is the worst! Poor Sienna. I had pink eye in both eyes when I was pregnant on my birthday, ahhh good ol memories.

Kristin said...

Poor Sienna. I've got some drops . . . too bad don't live closer! Hope she gets feeling better soon!