Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekday Vegans

After Travis was diagnosed we received many health tips. Some were teas, some were body cleansing things. Some friends have helped us get some great vitamins. One friend recommended a great book, and another friend bought the book for us. My cousin sent us a great cook book that has a ton of 'garden recipes' in it.

You get the gist.

We talked and talked about trying some of these things, but honestly, it was hard to focus on this when what we were facing seemed so large.

Now that we are getting sort of used to life again we are ready to change things.

After reading "The China Study", a book that is about how cancer feeds off of animal protein, we have decided to try it out.

No meet. No Dairy. No eggs.

Now you ask, what does that leave? Fruits and Veggies. A bit of fish. Whole grains. Soy foods.


This morning when we were talking about this I just kept thinking of the happiness a good roast puts on Trav's face. I want to be supportive and will do anything to make Trav's cancer stop growing, but I also want him to enjoy life (and food).

So we came to a great compromise. During the week we will be Vegans. We will do our best to follow those guidelines and hopefully that will really help. But on the weekends, and special occasions, we can stray a bit.

So there you have it folks, we are weekday vegans. I am actually really excited about this because in a few weeks Travis will have another scan and hopefully this will improve the results!

So I ask you this question. Do you have any great recipes that fall under our new eating criteria? No meat, no dairy, no eggs? I would love to hear how you cook your veggies, and fish. I've never cooked fish a day in my life (I'm not a fan...), and I have about 3 different ways of cooking veggies without any dairy involved. HELP!

It feels good to finally think about this because we both feel like we have been given hint after hint that this will help him. We will keep you posted on life as a vegan!


Anonymous said...

All of Mikes siblings are Vegans. (but not Mike) They do not eat, wear or use anything that has animal products in it. From honey to shampoo to even wearing leather belts or shoes... they only eat soy everything, tofu and fake meat products.I know they have some cookbooks and know a lot of animal friendly websites if you want me to get them for ya. Good luck with it all... I hope it makes your hubs feel better.

Guymon Family said...

Hey Hayley, I was so excited to see your comment, I felt like a bit of an island in the bloggin community, then Traci told about your blog and how many links you have to other people in the ward. You rock! You are a major hub in cyberspace! I love your blog, I about died looking through your songs, I didn't realize how much music we have in common. I mean who knows who Lily Allen is anyways, and Regina Spektor! I sooo love the Fidelity music video. Who knew? anyways I have some yummy vegan recipes. One of my favorites is a cabbage salad, and any steamed veggie is yummier with different types of vinagrettes. I'll just email you some favorites.

Kristen said...

My sister and her family have been doing Vegan dinners. Her mother-in-law was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer and has gone through all of the treatments. She must have read the same book and now they all have VEGAN family dinners together to support Mary (mom in law). My sis and her mom in law are AMAZING cooks, so I'll have to see if they will throw some recipes your way.
P.S. You'll have to post on the tofu if you dare try it...
Salmon is my favorite, but if you don't care for might have too much flavor. It's really easy if you top the fillet with a little olive oil and rub with "Spade L Ranch Fish &Seafood Seasoning" and then top with lemon slices. Wrap all of this in Foil (like tinfoil dinner) and throw it on the grill.

Natelli Johnston said...

Good for you! I have some friends who are vegans, I'll see if they have any good recipes.

Maegan said...

There is this Salmon at Sam's Club that I love! It is in the frozen section. I know frozen doesn't sound so yummy but it is really good. It is called Alaskan Salmon I believe. It's box is kind of an orange color and it has 6 individully wrapped peices in a marinade. It is so easy and seriously so good. It's about $12 bucks a box. Good Luck!

Jamie said...

Wow I think it's hard enough to come up with good recipies with just anything in them, but when you have to steer clear of certain things, it would get a bit tough! Jeez, I'll keep my eye out! Good luck!

Amy Johnson said...

From one carnivore to another....all I can say is Good Luck! :) I'll just eat all the meat that you can't! :)

Jami said...

I'm not a huge fish fan although my sister in laws make these wonderful sandwiches that are very good. I'll get the recipe and pass it along.

Janae said...

I know that you don't know me but all my inlaws are Vegan and they make the best food. Mexican seems to be the choice, bean enchiladas with a
cheese substitute.
1/2 c. nutritonal yeast Flakes (red star brand)
1/4 c. cornstarch
1 tsp salt
2 C. water
1/2 c. oil
1 tsp vinegar
Mix dry ingredients in a saucepan. wisk in water and vinegar. cook over medium heat, whisking constantly until it thickens and bubbles/. Cook for 30 seconds Remove from heat. Carefully wisk in oil. this takes a couple minutes
Store in bowl it will thicken.
Use; grilled cheese, nachos, tacos etc. to make it pourable add water. If you want more recipes leave a comment on my blog. I have a ton

Melissa said...

I agree. If there is anything that can help Travis, it's worth a shot! I just posted a Meatless chilli verde recipe on my kitchen blog tonight. It's full of hot spicy flavor, it's soo hot you will forget that there is no meat in it!!

Aaron & Mindy said...

oo la la I can smell the Tofu now. I hope it works, you will have to keep us posted. We keep telling my Dad to do it and he just can't bring him self to. So maybe if I can show him living proof that it does help it will push him over the edge. One thing I do love and it sounds crazy but you get Yams and cut them up like french fries , coat them in olive oil and put them in the oven until they are tender. You can even dip them in fry sauce. They are delicious it just tastes like a sweet french fy. By the wayI have your pay it forward prize I will drop it off this week, sorry it has taken me so long.

The Wolfley Family said...

Can I say impressive! I think all of my recipes include some kind of meat, but I'll see what I can come up with.

Quinn and Melanie said...

Good for you. If it is for a good reason you will have much more motivation. We do not eat any dairy because Paige and I are weirdos and have weak tummies. We love to drink SILK Vanilla soymilk. It tastes great to us. It is cheapest to get at Sams Club. It will totally be worth it if it helps Travis. My brother in-law is a nurse practictioner in Draper and his entire practice is HUGE on this theory. My sis-in law wrote a cook book. I will get a copy for you. I really believe it will help both of you feel better in the long run. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Katie said...

So I can't really help you out in the recipe way (I am horrible at wanting to and just cooking in general!) but I do know where you can get all the free salmon and halibut your heart desires- in Ed and Julie's freezer. You see, my dad insists on going to Alaska twice a year and the fish just keeps on comin! I will bring you some- would you like both varieties? And I'll get my dad's salmon recipe- it's pretty good. I myself like it steamed with lime slices on top. Have fun with your new recipes! Once again you guys amaze me with the positive attitudes and faith. Way to go, you!

Courtney McKay said...

I hope your meals are going good! I wish I could help you! I hope it helps Travis though!

mortonfam said...

I'm glad, glad, glad that you guys thought this is useful. We don't eat meat very often, but I'm seriously considering limiting dairy also. Especially after my two aunts were just diagnosed (one already passed away 2 weeks later) with serious cancer. I think it will be tough.

Ok. open mind... My favorite thing is a green smoothie. Yes, vegetables make it green, but I put in tons of fruit also and it makes it sweet. I swear it is good. It is filling enough for breakfast and sometimes lunch with something with it. E-mail me if you want details.

Dustin & Janette said...

You're so great to get all the info you can to help him. I got this receipe from a lady at a Mary Kay party. I like it, hope you can use it. There are no measurements, just make as much or as little as you would like.
*slivered almonds
*raspberry vinagrett (I like Light Done Right by Kraft)

nellelund said...

Hayley- I'm a believer. In an effort for my kids to be healthier, we gave up our Friday "Pizza night" and changed it to Friday "Salmon Night". I think your friend Maegan mentioned the salmon at Sam's club- it's the same one I get , and then to make it fabulous, I have a orange teriyaki sauce that Dave and I created that is so yummy. My kids beg for it, and we eat it every Friday. I'll get it to you if you're interested.