Thursday, April 17, 2008

Adyson's Special Day

Today was Adyson's Special Day at school. She was so excited to bring treats to her friends and a poster that told all about herself. We just can't believe how big she is getting! It happens much to fast!

Here she is all ready to go. She really wanted to wear a dress and flip-flops today, and even though I'm sure it wasn't quite warm enough, I caved.

Her poster

She wanted to bring blueberry muffins. I was shocked that she didn't want cupcakes, or brownies, or some other super sugary treat, but no, it was blueberry muffins. The girls got Tinkerbell rings and the boys got basketball rings.

Here she is with her amazing teacher while they were singing to her. Can't you just see the pride and excitement on her face?

here she is showing off her poster.

Her teacher drew a life size picture of her, matching clothes and all, to bring home and color. She had a great time doing that this afternoon.

Travis took the day off and was able to come with us. It was such a great moment and we are so proud of who Adyson is. She is a great kid! Afterwards we came home and the girls had a 'dance party' (Adyson's new favorite activity). And yes, they got daddy to join the party too.

Travis went in for another treatment today and I have to tell you, he has the canker of all cankers in his mouth. I dare you to try and find me proof of a bigger one! :) His mouth is already starting to feel a bit swollen (this usually happens later), so I am hoping that this round doesn't get too crappy.

Other that the cancer crap, the day was wonderful and lovely. We even squeaked in a nap! I hope your day was great as well!


Justin & Ashlee said...

I know I always say how cute your girls are, but seriously they are. That is great you could all share Adyson's special day together.

Shelly and her boys said...

You probably put all the other mom's in the preschool to shame. Your such a cute mom. Her proud smile is priceless. And they look darling in their spring dresses.

Morrell's said...

That is so fun! Her poster is so cute another mother of the year award right there to you! She does look so happy in all those pictures! Naps rock!!!

Katie said...

What a cutie. I love her little smile and that hair! You are such a fun, creative mom. You are my role model! DId you ever ask the dentist about that stuff for Travis's cankers? (Now I can't remember the name!) Hopefully it heals quick! WE are thinking of you!

Natelli Johnston said...

she has the cutest little face. what a fun family you guys are. Cankers sound awful. I am sorry for you both.

Amy Johnson said...

Your right, her teacher is pretty dang amazing!! :) She looks so cute and so proud of herself! A nap huh? Interesting!

Soto family said...

I agree with amy- her teacher is amazing, and you are an amazing fun little momma! I am proud of Addyson, and she's not even my stinkin' kid! I would take her, though! LOL!

And, here's a final thought: I just read down below where you called my sis a DOMESTIC DIVA! Yep, she's getting there, but her big sis still remembers the days of her putting 2 cups of salt in the cinnamon rolls and putting the rolls in the oven with the saran wrap still on! (It was a lovely GLAZE!) LOL! I love ya AMY!!!!

Hiatts said...

She looks so happy!! I am glad she had a fun day. You are an awesome mom.