Tuesday, February 26, 2008

First sign of Spring

Oh it was a good day! Sienna is almost all back to normal, though she still has her diva moments that make me realize she isn't totally better, but she is getting there! I managed to get everything on my todo list done and then some today which always makes me happy, and the best part of the day was when I found the first signs of Spring on my driveway. Sidewalk chalk. Yes friends, it was warm enough for Adyson and her cute friend Lexi to go outside without coats on and doodle all over our driveway. I couldn't have been happier! Thankyou Sunshine for coming out to play today, please don't leave me!

Adyson and Lexi enjoying the sun.

They made a "hopscotch" game outside, and tried to play it too. The only problem was that the squares were a bit too small for their feet.


Jan said...

Hurray for signs of Spring! Again, I think oh to be a kid again - fun. I'm happy to hear that Sienna is getting better.

Bre said...

Yeah! I totally have spring fever and SO do my boys. Dax has become the worst TV junkie and I HATE it, I cant wait to get them outside more. I am so ready.
Hey I am computer retarted, where do you get all your cute blog stuff and templates and how do ya do them?

The Wolfley Family said...

They look so happy playing outside! I'm glad everything is "sunny" today!
BTW--I checked out the bathing suits and they are so cute! Which one did you get?

Dustin & Ashley said...

So happy that Sienna is getting back to her normal self- those pictures of her when she was sick were just so sad. She is the cutest thing so it just breaks my heart! Adyson is the happiest little girl- she probably has friends lined up to play with her! Haha, i love the hopscotch game- so cute that they tried!!

Troy and Cami said...

kennadee loves sidewalk chalk she has been drawing in our garage, i will be glad when it is warm so they can go outside, im so tired of being cooped up. i'll be so glad when the sicknesses go with the snow.

RhondaH said...

I'm glad that she's feeling better. I'll add sidewalk chalk to the list of things that the girls can do together when they play this summer.

Amy Johnson said...

So cute! I wish I could have played outside with Simon! I need Spring to be here soon! I'm getting so sick of winter!

The Kelly's said...

It was so great to hear from you on my blog! Thanks for being so sweet about my kids and my parents! I have to agree with you on both, but my parents are great and they think very highly of you and think that you are a very strong and amazing women! My mom talks about you often and cares about you and is always there if you need to talk to someone!

I will be in Utah in a couple of weeks for our spring break so I will see you at church hopefully on Easter Sunday! Take care! Your girls are so beautiful and this entry makes me jealous because I see grass, as you can tell by my blog there is no grass in sight or will there be any anytime soon!
Take care!!