Saturday, July 25, 2015

{Summer Fun, 4th of July, Bday fun, Cache Cup}

Our Summer has been the most low key summer I can remember,
and I've loved it!
Have we slept in?
Have we stayed up late?
Have we eaten lots of ice-cream.
Well yes.  Yes we have.
It's been lovely.

Our little Isabelle got baptized.
Sienna adores her and we had to entitle this one
Little Candi and Bambi.
We've spent lots of days at the pool.
We call this a Worley sandwich.

And we've spent a good 2 weeks with cousins!
Most of the Wolfley's, sans Breje, came to stay at Grandmas and the rest of the cousins invaded.
They had so much fun together!
They went to Inside Out (Darling)!
With matching hair of course.
They made Travis some darling windmills out of Kinects for Trav's grave for Fathers Day.
So sweet.
Fathers Day we choose to skip church and spend the day together...
but we always stop by and remember their stellar Dad.
We sure miss him.  Always.

But we did sneak over and eat dinner with this guy.
Not sure how we'd survive without my amazing Dad.
He is the most tender, big hearted man I know and I adore him.
Summer reminds me, each year, how freaking fabulous Roo's hair is.
This is day 3.
No shower, no comb....just sweaty curls.
The envy.
The cousins (And a friend of Adyons's) also went roller skating.
Oh man, I couldn't even tell you how many times we watched them fall.
But they loved it and smiled the entire time.
Such fun!
More pool time.  These cousins are so fun!
The girls always ended up in my car dancing.
We went to "The Wizard of Oz" and my cute friends Lorinda and Cali joined us.

Lot's of silly kids here.

We did take a break from the fun to meet the Dr and discuss tonsils for Roo.
It's happening...and soon.
She's terrified!
After that appointment, on the way home, she teared up a little and then said,
"If Dad can do it for 5 years, I guess I can do this."
I was pretty proud.
Adyson and her friends went to see FIREFLIES in Cache Valley!
I didn't even know they existed and am still sad I didn't find the time to go see them!
And the kids weaseled their way to the neighbors pool.
They are fish.
Heather came to get the kids and it's always just so great to get together.
We've made a goal to get a good pic of us together.
As you can see,  

Summer Sunsets just can't be beat. This one is filter free.

Roo has played hard, and I found her all tuckered out for an afternoon nap.
It reminded me of when she was a tiny thing.
I miss those days!
Her squinty smile is too much.b
The 4th of July is one of my favorite, and least favorite Holidays.
I got Roo all dolled up this year, and boy did she love it!

I miss Trav on these small holidays, possibly even more than the big ones.
The big ones are full of tradition and excitement and family.
These ones always catch me off guard,
This year the kids ran and played with friends and everyone has their person,
and I just missed mine terribly.
But we are doing quite well and the girls LOVED their day.
And I"m sorry, but I just think they are darlings.
She's just getting too big and too lovely and I hate it and love it all so much.

July bring B-day month, and believe it or not, I'm not as excited as usual...
I'm trying to reign myself in.
But I'll never give up an excuse to see my friends and celebrate with them!
Party #1 with Eileen and Steph.
I'm not even sure how this friendship began,
we have gaps in our ages-but man, they are soul sisters to me and I just love them so dearly.
I cherish these friendships.
Roo played in her first ever tournament.
We were missing a good chunk of our older players and had 4 newbies on the team,
so we weren't sure how they'd do.
They had some great games and played hard, and mostly they had fun and became a team!
It was a blast.
I'm proud of Roo for trying and sticking to it, and I adore this team of girls.

(And I was quite proud of Adyson for being such a great fan of her sisters, she didn't miss a game and cheered her on hard!  Love her!)
The girls took 2nd and had a blast! 

On the way to the championship game,
Roo was crying in the back seat.
She didn't want to tell me, because she worried I wouldn't let her play,
but her throat was hurting again.
I can't wait to get these tonsils out!

It's been a fun summer-Adyson is a social butterfly and we always have a car full of darling friends.
I'm dreading all the drama that comes with 6th grade and praying that she makes kind friends.
I swear I chant "Be kind and good" all day long.
I'm scared.

My cousin, Amber, came to visit from Connecticut.  We were able to spend a few days with them.
My girls adore her girls and we all just love getting together.
They came and spent a day in Cache Valley and we had a BBQ and played some baseball.
It was a fantastic day!

All the 2nd cousins.
Adyson and Mirelle,
these 2 love each other.
Sienna and Ayva.
These 2 are kindred spirits.
Playing baseball. Totally  not our usual pass time, but we had such a great time.
We are totally hooked!
We had Rheagen come visit for the day and took her Bday shopping.  Such cute cousins!
B-day party #2 for me and Court.  I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.
These girls stick by me even when I don't deserve them.
I just adore them!
Candi pulled double duty and made it a wonderful night.
I love her.
For the 24th, my friend Julie invited us to Willow Flats for the night.
She's trying to convince me the wilderness is my friend.
I have to admit,
we had a fabulous night!

Sienna instantly found a dog she attached herself to.
Man, she wants one of these so badly.

We hiked up to the springs,
and it was honestly beautiful.
I grew up doing all these things, but when Trav was sick, it was pretty much impossible.
I was happy to share it with my girls, and with such fun friends.
And I was incredibly happy to hike with this kid.
I wasn't sure how it would affect her eyes,
and mostly worried the steepness would be hard for her...
I was broken hearted and proud all at once.
Proud because she did it with a smile and really loved it,
and broken hearted because she explained so much to me about how her eyes work.
She can't really tell how high the roots are above the dirt,
and it's incredibly hard to differentiate between rocks, trails and roots.
And it makes her work overtime to much so that her eyes start to ache.
This girl of mind, she's made of tough stuff and I'm so incredibly proud to be her mom.
She teaches me so much!

The tradition with the people we were with, is to dunk in the water.
And it was FREEZING!!
I was so proud my kids joined in and got right under.

Love these two.
Made for a cold hike down though....
I love watching Summer, Roo and Adyson be friends.
It's always pretty great when your kids become as good of friends as you are.
Summer and Roo walked the entire way back like this.
(Ady needed a little help down, the steepness was tricky).
This afternoon while I was working, Roo and I were talking and I was so overwhelmed with love for my kids.  These shiny eyes, and her sisters, just seem to make my world so much better.  I am loving their fun, busy stage of life.  My heart is full.

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