Friday, May 8, 2015

{Oh May Hell}

It has been so lovely to be back with my darling little ladies.
Lovely....and busy.
I mean, May.  Why you gotta be so. freaking. busy?
Adyson has had two big reports due,
she's in a play she's been practicing for,
and she has a singing performance.
We seriously have something every single night of the week, and sometimes they overlap.
And the best part?
It just keeps getting added to.
And then we keep getting to bed later-and later.

And I get lazier.
The other day I just didn't set my alarm to wake them up.
Worlds Best Mom?
Ya, no.
And Roo....
well, here she is getting picked up from dance in her soccer gear.
Because she has to race from dance to soccer at least one day a week...sometimes two.
She is packed with playoff games and practice,  and also has a dance competition coming fast that involves a lot of time.
Throw in dance pictures and her special week at school and I start to eat cookies for breakfast and my hair gets more neglected than normal.
I. Just. Am. So. Done!

(Me?  Oh I drive them around a lot.  And about once a week I find time to cook dinner and the other day I made it to bed by 1:00, so I guess I'm really killing it over here).
We have really loved making some darling new friends on her soccer team.
They have become great buddies!

Adyson invites a different friend to every soccer game...
they troll around looking for boys.
Because she is 11 and I guess that's what 11 year olds do?
(I hate that she's 11, btw).

On May 2nd, Travis would've turned 40.
These days are so strange, and it always surprises me how much these big days make us aware of all that we've lost.
We missed him and thought of him all day long.
We took some orange balloons and made sure to send a few up to heaven.
Happy Birthday T, We love you!

That night we went for a bike ride as the sunset, and I wish this picture captured it better,
it was ORANGE and lovely.  A great way to think of T on his Birthday.
Pretty sure he sent us that gift.:)
Sienna's team had their last regular season game last week playing an undefeated team.
They were pretty nervous, so it was pretty fabulous when they pulled out a win.
Love these cute girls working hard!
Sienna was pretty happy with the W.

My mom also had her Birthday last week.
Sinco de Linda.
We love a day to celebrate her.
She is always helpful and giving and kind and full of love for her kids and for her grand kids.
We adore her.
I am getting back into the swing of things and think back to how much I can't wait to go back to England shouldn't be possible to be homesick for somewhere you have only visited, but I am.  So there.


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