Tuesday, February 10, 2015

{Light Team, Skiing, Singing and Friends}

My kids have really loved being a part of the 'Light Team' at their school this year,
and have loved learning about The 7 Habits.
It's been so fun to watch their leadership skills and confidence grow.

The other day their school held the symposium for The Leader In Me program,
and the Light Team was able to help.
My girls loved helping, and missing a day of school to help:O.

Adyson and Macey.
Roo and her cute friends got to hold signs and shake the teachers hands as they got off the bus.
As you can imagine, Sienna was all smiles.

Adyson shook their hands as they walked inside the building and directed them where to go.
Both girls took groups of 5 or 6 teachers around to classrooms and helped them get where they needed to be.  At one point I heard Adyson say to a group of 5 teachers,
"Ok ladies, it's time to move on so we aren't late...."
I had to laugh.  She isn't normally my ON TIME child.
Adyosn has made some darling friends this year, which I love.
What I don't love?  She seems to want to spend more and more time with them.
Is this what happens when they grow?
I certainly didn't do this to my mom!
Another down side?  She gets more texts my phone then I do.
These girls planned matching hair for the day.
It brought back some memories!
Roo has some pretty darling friends too.
It's always a house full of girls around here!
Roo got an award at school from the principal for being such a great leader.
She didn't know it was coming and was BEAMING with pride and excitement.
This kid has no poker face.
We finished skiing lessons.  The girls have grown a lot this year,
and I'm especially proud of Adyson for pushing herself so hard.
Her vision problems have gotten quite a bit worse this past year, and surgery is looming
over our heads.  I'm always so proud and amazed at how hard she works. Physical things wont-and don't come easy to Adyson.  She finds whats shes good at, and focuses on that.  And she never complains or compare herself to others.  I learn a lot from that and wish I could compare myself less!  The lessons our kids teach us!
I've spent plenty of days on the mountain.  I've felt myself become more comfortable and feel like I'm getting good again, and then a day like this one happens and I feel like a complete failure!
My Dad kicks my butt.
Roo, This Sunday she woke up before me, put away all the laundry, made her bed, got dressed and remembered to skip breakfast for Fast Sunday, just to surprise me.
I treasure these small moments, because-in all honestly, most of the time it's a lot of fighting, 
nagging and yelling.
Sometimes parenting isn't pretty!
Speaking of Adyson focusing on her talents,
she was asked to sing the National Anthem at a swim meet last week.
 There was  a lot of people there and I was amazed at her bravery!  I  never could have done it!
She has a beautiful little voice.  And a beautiful little heart.  Travis would have LOVED it.
A few of her best friends were at the meet swimming-she loved knowing they were cheering her on!
Clearly, I'm her biggest fan.
Just a snapshot of Amy and I.  Normal late night hair for me (I know, I look FABULOUS!) Cody had just told us we look like a couple of blueberries.  I love my sister in law an awful lot.

Things are going well over here-I hope all of my friends can say the same thing.:)

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