Thursday, November 13, 2014

{Our Life Lately}

I carpool an awful lot.

Here we are waiting for someone for a few minutes.
I got sung to by this little diva.
Man, I love her.

We made it to an Aggie game.
It's been a while since we've been able to go and it was an absolute blast!
We had a visit from cousins!
And gave them some crazy hair.
Check them out!  So fun!

We took the curly ladies to lunch and let them skip school,
they were thrilled.
We started Fall Break with friends and Fro-yo.
No complaints!
My cute friends who keep me sane.
I'm so lucky.
We finished fall break at Heathers.
Such a great few days celebrating Birthdays,
good food, and soccer games.
I love these great cousins!
Red Ribbon Week.
Mustache Monday.
Celebrating Rindy's Birthday.
These are friendships I cherish so dearly.
No words for the love I have for both of them!
Crazy hair day!

A friend made these amazing stuffed bears for the girls out of Trav's shirts.
They are just beautiful, amazing and stunning.
I am so grateful they have these to hold on to!
My kids are obsessed with a youtube family "The Shaytards"
They talk about meeting them all the time.
After they left for school one day I saw that they would be at a corn maze in Garland.
I decided to suck it up and surprise them.
It wasn't my favorite-but I was so glad I took them because they were starstruck!
We had a fun Halloween Bunco party.
I haven't laughed so hard in so long...
these ladies are too funny.
It only made sense that I dressed up as Bambi (a nickname from my friends.)
The crew.
Oh I adore these ladies.  They keep me sane and I am so grateful for our ability
to laugh, talk about everything (good and bad) and just have fun together. 
Great friends.

Adyson was a spider witch-
or Spiederman's wife...
She couldn't decide because no cute boys dressed up as spiderman. :)
Roo: My mad hatter.
I let Adyson trick or treat with friends, and no parents for the first time this year.
It broke my heart to let her go!
These 3 have been such great friends since they were tiny little things,
so I knew she was in safe company,
but I'm not quite ready to let her go! It's hard!
She's growing so fast,
but I love her quirky, sweet, zany self.
This pic was snapped seconds after I woke Roo up.
How does she do that?  It takes me a good hour!
Bless her heart. She keeps me smiling.
We had ourselves a little slumber party last weekend while Adyson was at a friends.
I treasure this time with her.
On our drive to Beaver Mountain to pick up skis, I taught the girls the art of the game "Mash".
They giggled the entire drive.
It was so great and brought back so many memories!

Speaking of skis!
We are ready to hit the slopes!

Another fun night with  my friends.
The Veterans Day Assembly with their Grandpa Larry.
Adyson opened the entire assembly,
and sang the National Anthem with 8 other girls.
Sienna also had a special part.
It's been so great for them to serve in the Sunlight team and have these experiences.
I was a proud mom!
We are doing great and thriving and have much to be thankful for,
especially this time of year.
We are welcoming the Holiday Season knowing that we are truly blessed.

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