Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Budding Artists & Adyson turns 9}

My little ladies are becoming quite the artists.
They entered a school contest entitled 
"Trees are Terrific and need our Care."

We still haven't heard if they won,
but either way,
I am super impressed with their work.
Cute little artists!

Here's Adysons.  I adore her sunset!
And Roo's.
So pretty!
Oh Adyson.
My little blonde sweetheart went and turned 9!
How is this possible?!

We went shopping together to look for party ideas,
and she fell in love with all of this owl stuff.
I was a little nervous to throw an OWL party!
How do you come up with fun owl ideas?

But it turned out to be the easiest party I've ever thrown.
And it was fun!
The girls helped me make these adorable owl lanters.
They took 3 minutes start to finish!
My kind of art project!
We started by coloring owls with a FREE owl printable.
Always a good way to start the party while we wait for everyone to arrive.
Then they each got one of these adorable owl clothespins.
They were told they can't say the word "whoo", the whole party.
If they said it, whoever heard it could take their clip.
The girl with the most clips at the end of the party won a prize (an owl pen and stamp.)
I wasn't sure this would be easy enough for 14 little girls,
but they LOVED it!
It was so funny watching them attack the poor girl who said 'who'. 

Then we talked about how owls HUNT for their food...
and it's a stretch,
but we decided to go on an owl hunt.
It was cold..
but they managed!
We then played the "Whoo" game.
Super fun, when they aren't supposed to say who.
We gave them a sheet of paper with questions on it like:
Whoo has the bluest eyes?
Whoo has the best laugh?
Whoo has the shiniest hair?
They had fun getting to know each other and writing down their answers.
My poor, self conscious Sienna wrote "me" on almost every one.
So modest!
Then we had these 'awards' to hand out before they got their presents.
It was actually really fun.
I didn't get a picture but we also made adorable felt owls.
 Then it was cupcake time.
I found these on pinterest.
It was kind of a fail...
but let's move on.
Before they left they were given these adorable
owl notebooks (found at Michaels).
 And an owl sucker.
How cute are these?
My mom made them and they were even cuter in person.
She is amazing!

 It looked so cute all put together.
Adyson couldn't wait!

And frankly,
neither could Sienna!
(Aren't their owl shirts fun?)

(Here she is on her actual bday.)
I have no idea how 9 years could go by so fast.
This girl is so bright.
So funny.
So beautiful.
And makes our family full of love and light.
I am so blessed to be her mother.
Hope she has a wonderful year!
(Sidenote: The ladies are ready for the sun!  They basked in all 40 degrees of it 
after school yesterday...)

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Brittney said...

No way she's 9. No. Way. She will forever be that beautiful little blondie baby to me. Such a cute party. Those little ladies have the best Mom in the world! Really. I concede. You beat the pants off me.