Sunday, November 25, 2012

Well Hello Blog.

Well, let's just face it.
I'm not so much a blogger anymore.
I am however, really a fan of instagram.
So here's my instablog.

The week we came home from Seattle was 
The ladies dug 'decade day'.

50's Roo.
 80's Ads.
 Adyson has never really had to work to 
do well in's always come very easily for her.
This year Math has been a small struggle.
She's had to work pretty hard,
and has really started to figure it out.
We are so proud of her!

 One of my dearest friends Candace had her beautiful
baby boy Bennett.  And I'm smitten.
She did good!
 Since school has begun we've been
really taking Saturday chores seriously.
I kinda love having my ladies help me around
the house.  It's been so much fun to crank up the
music and get things done.

 In other life changing news:
Travis is growing himself quite a beard.
And do to chemo, it's WHITE.
It's manly.
And it's helping to keep him warm.
(A side effect of the chemo; cold).
 We enjoyed our Halloween.
 The ladies painted pumpkins.
 And trick or treated with cousins like usual.
Not so usual?  They didn't want parents to go with them.
We followed them in the car secretly...
we aren't quite ready to let go!
 Another beard shot.
Adyson loved that the walrus and T
were practically twins.
 We've been proud Aggie fans as of late.
Winning at football?
Who knew it could be done!?
 I dare say it was because Adyson spent so
much time making this glorious sign.
With love.

 Roo has begun her usual winter cough.
(We are at the Dr. here)
Can someone please figure out her allergies?
I will pay you.
And I said please.
 We voted.
In style.
 And Roo and I have twinner hair sometimes.

Roo and I had a jammie date at Apple Spice a few weeks ago.
I feel pretty lucky this kid and her squinty smile is mine.
She's lovely.

 We celebrated an early Thanksgiving at my moms.

 And on Thanksgiving day we celebrated with the Kidmans.

A day to be thankful.
We have much.
I could do a whole post.
I wont, but I could.
Just know we know how blessed we
are, and are grateful each day.

 I was able to go with some of my girlfriends
to 'the movie'.
I'm only slightly ashamed.
I do love these ladies though.
 Black Friday was spent decorating for Christmas and
getting the butterflies because it's that time again!
 Trav and the  ladies to "The Activity"
(Sienna said it, we corrected her. And smiled).
 And our favorite guest
 Skeeter the Elf
made it from the North Pole.
The ladies snuggled and read all about him.
I love when they remember how much they 
love each other.
It melts my heart!
Look at me all caught up!
This was at the Aggie basketball game last night.
After I took it, I just had to laugh at how different my 
beautiful kid and I look.
I sure love these kids of mine.
Until I have enough time to dump the insta pics,


Trisha said...

You are so beautiful!

Becca said...

I agree...Instagram rocks. Cute girls I hope things are going good today!

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