Monday, May 14, 2012

{Mothers Day}

Being there Mother.
Well Geez,
I really love it.
The past few months have been
for us.

We've spent weeks apart.
And they've been hard weeks.
And it's meant a lot of adjusting 
and work for all of us.
I've missed doing homework after school.
Missed the few minutes before bed when they want to talk to us.
I missed cooking their dinner,
missed doing their hair,
missed them telling me NO when I ask them to clean up their rooms.
 And I ached for hugs from them.

I am not a perfect mom.
I couldn't possibly,
in a million years!
LOVE these beautiful children more then I do.

was a Mother's Day I greatly,
and deeply appreciated.

And a day when I also greatly appreciated
both Trav's mom, and mine.
The past few months wouldn't have been possible
without them.
They've stepped in whenever we've needed them
and exhausted themselves by letting my kids
run them ragged.
They've taken them to lessons and school,
did homework and tucked them into bed,
and hugged them tight when my kids were feeling worried.

I can't imagine what we would have done without them.
 And I'm so glad that we have a day to celebrate them.

Love you Mom! 
Love you Lorraine!

Thank you for all you've done the past few months,
and always.


Eileen said...

You did look fabulously hot yesterday.

Trisha said...

You do look gorgeous!