Saturday, August 23, 2008

A video, A weekend update, and A bit about T

Dear Travis,

Please don't be too angry that I posted this totally stellar video of you on my blog for my blogging Bff's to see. I personally think you look sexy with pink hair, and your dance moves are totally groovy. And are a pretty awesome father.

Love, me.

Dear Blogging Bff's,

Please excuse my terribly ugly laugh throughout this whole video. Please.

Love, me.

Now that you have lol'd, I'll get to the rest of my post.

Thursday I got to go to lunch with a few of my highschool friends, which we don't do very often. I post this picture so those of you who didn't come and read my blog see what you missed out on! Just kidding girls, we missed you though!

We've had a pretty laid back weekend. Travis was able to get some golfing in, I was able to get some shopping in, and the kids got a whole lot of playing in-so I guess we are all happy! On Friday I took the girls to Willow Park to see the animals. We had a great time walking around in the not quite as hot weather, and the animals put on quite a show for us. (Though if you ask Sienna which animal was her favorite she will tell you, every time, that it was the lion-and the parrots. They have no lion, but whatevs she's 2, right). Then Friday night we went to the "family reunion" at my Grandma's retirement community. I have to be honest when I say that it was just hot and sticky and crowded, but my Grandma loves nothing more than showing off her great grand kids and they love her a whole lot too, and they had a good ol' time. I love this picture I snapped of the three of them. Isn't my grandma such a beauty?

So this week is the big week. The scan is set for Tuesday, and we are praying and fasting for good news. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a bit of a wreck and totally ready for the next few days to be over and for our "normal" life to come back. Our families are both fasting with us tomorrow and we are getting together for a family dinner and Travis will get a blessing, and I find that a blessing always calms our nerves a bit and feels our home with warmth. I wish I could express how thankful I am for that, but whenever I try to type it it just doesn't come out right. But you get the gist, right?

Results should be back any time from Tuesday-Thursday. I'm really hoping for Tuesday because waiting is no fun at all. None. I will post the results when I can-so keep checking back for the good news *having faith*.

And if you want to, go ahead and say a prayer for my man.

Hugs to all!


Kristen said...

That video was so cute. Travis is such a FUN dad...Dancing Dad with Pink Ponytails! Does it get anymore fun than that?
Keep the faith...You guys are great examples of courage & strength. You're in my prayers.
Lotsa Love!

Nyman's said...

Fun Fun weekend. I have't seen those girls in so long, I bet lunch was a blast. Definately keeping the faith for you, waiting is never fun with those results I remember those days with my sister. In my prayers for sure!

Natelli Johnston said...

the dancing video was awesome! what a cute daddy. Fun that you got to go out with all your old highschool buds. You all look great.

Morrell's said...

NOW that is ONE good daddy! That video was great! Looks like a fun weekend! We'll be praying for you!!!

Haylee Munk Brown said...

Travis just has to know that with a house full of girls there will always be DANCE PARTY'S!!!! I believe most of our videos from when we were younger has my dad in them just wondering how he got into that mess!! ha ha ha! Trav is great with your girls! I am praying for you all!!! Love you!!

Eileen said...

You would never know that "pink ponytailed, dancing Diva" was even sick. LOVED the video! I LOLed and I rarely LOL at my computer!!! We will "Ask in Faith" for a great week filled with great news.

You are loved!

Jill and Matt said...

I totally love the dance movie! I love that Travis will dance with them. Friends lunch, always fun. How was Willow Park? Did they have any good animals? I guess I should take my kids. Good luck with the scan- we will be thinking of you guys!!!

Guymon Family said...

Well the dance party was a big hit at my house. My kids had to watch it four times. Cole said "Hey that's Addie's Dad, does he really have pink pigtails?"
Sounds like a fun weekend had by all. Our prayers are definitely with you for the coming week. I hope it comes and goes quickly with good news!!!! Heavens knows you guys deserve some of that.
Love the Guymons

Bre said...

Hayley I just love the video! Trav seems like such a good dad especially to DANCE on video, you guys can all laugh at that for years:) I love the with your sweet grandma, what a beautiful photo. We will for sure still keep Trav in our prayers!! I think we are going to fast for him on Monday. Looks like a blast with the girls and your little girls as well:)

Thanks again for the cutest outfit, you really didnt have too!

p.s. we all still need to get together, for a bbq especially while the warm weather is still here:)

nellelund said...

What a good sport Travis is with a house full of girly girls!! What a man! We will add you guys to our prayers this week and pray for some wonderful news.

I read about Ashley the grasshopper, and that girl needs a PET Hayley!! I couldn't stand her broken hearted picture!! :@

The Wolfley Family said...

I laughed so hard I forgot all about being sick! Seriously! Make sure Trav knows that Jody got a great chuckle, too.
Lots of prayers going on around here! Love ya!

Letti said...

I loved the video too it was cute. YOu can tell how happy your Grandma is by how happy she looks with her two great granddaughters. That is a swett picture. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I can't wait to hear the results and I hope they come back quickly too.

Anonymous said...

What a fun daddy! You'll be in our prayers for sure.

tina said...

3 things. 1st LOVED the video!!!
2nd I was SOOO trying to go to the carnival. I owe grams big time now!! Missing 2 fam events in a row. 3rd We're hoping and praying for the best for you and your little fam.

Melissa said...

I am so glad you use your video camera to capture the cutest things!!! I am such a slacker, i am good with the camera but not the video camera. That one is a total classic, and he looks like he is having way too much fun, I love it!

Heidi Kjar said...

The dance party was awesome!!! I LOVE it! Your husband is the man!

Trisha said...

Okay, so the jab of the picture and the lunch that I missed...yeah, it was a heart breaker. Glad you didn't write anymore about how great it was!

Loved the video of Trav, but more, I loved hearing you laugh like that. Haven't heard it in a long time and it was beautiful.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Amy Johnson said...

Travis is such a great dad! That is truely a priceless video! I have such an admiration for Travis and that just made me love him even more! He does have some mad skill in the dancing dept! Good luck with the scan! We love you guys so much and pray for both of you always! I'm always so anxious to hear results!!!! Aghhhh!

brandi said...

LOVE the video, Lily Jane made me play it 5 times and wanted more but I had to cut it off somewhere. She kept saying, "I like those dancing girls, mom!" I asked her what about the dancing daddy and she said "I like him too mom, the girls are just my favorite." haha, guess the pink ponytailed dancing dad didn't seem surprising to her at all. You are absolutely in our prayers. *hugs*