Thursday, September 6, 2007


Paint is done! (Don't look to closely, the touch-up paint hasn't been done yet!) We are super excited that it is so close to being finished. The list is still long, but it is getting shorter everyday! What do you think?

This is the playroom. I know the color is bright, and almost neon. The first thing my dad said when he saw it is "the good thing about paint, is you can always change it." But honestly it is exactly what I wanted. The decorations for this room are all hot pink and it will be very girly, and a bit shabby chic.

The next two pics are the family room. I am super pleased with this color. It will match my couches beautifully and it makes the shadow boxing look good I think. I hope!

This is Trav's office, I think he will enjoy having a space of his own!


Heather Wolfley said...

Holy cow it looks great! I wish I could see it close-up. I love that you have your light fixture up already and it is so girly!

Jake and Melese Sorensen said...

Wow, that is looking so good. We love the colors! Your two little ones are going to love it. We hope all is well and we look forward to the next updated blog. take care, Jake and Melese